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    From 2020 to now
    the enterprise develops rapidly and marches into the international market
    • Many industrial innovative products are coming soon

    • COVID-19 antibody detection reagent and many other products go out of China and enter the international market

    the enterprise made the future layout based on its advantages
    • Expanded R&D team and introduced new R&D technology

    • Realized whole-line cold chain logistics for the first time nationwide

    • Completed the development and started the clinical test of many industry-leading project, such as irradiator, multiple, HIV, etc.

    • Be recognized as provincial level innovation and industrialization demonstration enterprise for several times

    • Established "Guangdong Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base"

    • Be approved as a national “Post-Doctoral Research Center”

    • Established Suzhou R&D center

    • Moved into the new industrial park with a floor area of 23,000 m2

    the enterprise restructured and started a new development way
    • Cooperated with many international IVD enterprises, such as Unipath, Fujirebro, Siemens, MP, etc.

    • The market share of AIDS confirmation reagents reached 80%, and the market share of drug concentration detection reached 50%,Many self-developed products occupied over 60% of the market share.Many products became reference methods for disease detection, such as MYCOII and TP.PA.

    the enterprise was newly established by the Group
    • 1989, the first subsidiary of Livzon Pharmaceutical Group Inc.

    • Obtained pharmaceutical manufacturing license

    • Many products were successfully developed and marketed, including HBV, HIV, HCV ELISA reagents